The Thistle’s Seed recalls…

A recent conversation with a man of a certain age, a stranger no less. The Seed happened to mention during their business meeting a painting event she would be attending that afternoon.   With out prompting he mentioned painting…specifically his wife’s painting.  

He gushed proudly that “she was the best painter in the world“ and on and on he spoke. He showed me had a couple hanging in his office.  The Seed was speechless in several ways by then.

Then he continued in a hushed, confidential tone …as if his wife was in the office waiting room right outside the door he said that “honestly he didn’t think she was a great painter or even a good painter, but he loved her paintings because she painted their grandkids from her heart and each and everyone of these paintings showed her love for them.” Yes, he truly said that.

He was happy that her paintings of the family, the many dogs they had loved over the years, of their family vacations hung all over the house. With pride in his voice the husband said that their house wouldn’t be the same without those paintings, good or bad.  

Love can be a blind critic in the best of all ways. You be the judge when your family gushes about your recent painting of your grimy, little grandchild helping grandpa worm a hook. You’d gush too if grandma or grandpa painted you as a child. You were so special and loved she painted you.

Art doesn’t have to be great or good, but if it is created from the heart it can be wonderful on all kinds of levels.  It can move people and create a legacy far more important than the “Kodak moment.” Let’s raise a brush and toast grandparent painters.