The Thistle’s Seed is Sad…

The Thistle’s Seed is sad

Today at the thought of possibly losing something that has been a major and positive influence to the existence of the Great Plains Watercolor Society….Jayne Erickson and Mosaic Studio. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Jayne.

The Mosaic Studio is currently for sale and our future with Mosaic is in limbo. Jayne is relocating to another state to begin another creative life. We wish Jayne and her family well. You will be missed and have been certainly appreciated by all of us at Great Plains Watercolor Society. You are also a great personal friend to us.

Many times The Seeds takes for granted the folks, businesses, and support we get from the “visible but invisible” resources we as members all enjoy. The Thistle Seed has always heard wonderful comments from members about the pleasing space available for our Paint-Ins and meetings or workshops.

We Seeds have access to a bright, clean, spacious creative space and warm or cool temps depending on the weather. The sidewalks are shoveled, painting water is available, comfortable seating and worktables, too, the bathroom is clean and a warm entry area to greet fellow painters each time are always welcome benefits from this wonderful venue. This careful attention to detail does not come out of the blue by magic. As members of GPWS take time to give a personal thank-you to Jayne. The Seed would appreciate it.