The Thistle’s Seed invited…

The Thistle’s Seed invited

A special guest to share her thoughts on being a new painter, the GPWS Paint In Events and the Mosaic Studio in her watercolor growth.   In Tara Barney’s words…

“The moment I walked into Mosaic Studio, I knew I was in a safe place. As a right brain person living in a left-brain world, I often have my guard up!

The studio was clean. It was organized. There were wonderful (photo) portraits of real people on the walls and a few fine pieces of local pottery.

A smiling face greeted me, took my fee, and handed me my very own nametag. I am wonderful with faces, but stumble on names until I come in contact with a person a few times. Lord knows some people will go to extremes to change their looks these days so I want to be sure I have the right person. Hooray for nametags!

I sat down in a room full of people softly chatting. Aside from teaching a few basic watercolor classes for kids, I had not learned much more about watercolor. Everyone quieted down and the lesson began.

As we progressed I realized I had forgotten some salt. My thought came out of my mouth! Oops! Was that out loud? Someone casually handed me some salt. Wow! Sharing. These are my kind of people.

My first paintings looked like a little kid did them, but I put them in frames and showed them anyway because of the attempt and happy for the memory of spending time with others. To my amazement, I sold a couple. The money went to the art fund for more supplies!

So, I attended several more Paint Ins. I learned to loosen up and enjoy the process. I had no multitasking to do. Just one project and some kindred spirits to share the experience!

I will admit my paintings are naive and simple, but I am learning. I may not ever progress to a gallery worthy painting and that is okay.

My gratitude is in finding a safe place to focus and spend time with others who like to share, listen to stories, and notice the little things like how light hits an object, or how the paint colors can roll together, or the texture of the paper. Mosaic Studio is one of my happy places.”

Tara Barney is owner of Red Door Creations and is a newer member of the Great Plains Watercolor Society. Thanks Tara for your insight.

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