The Thistle’s Seed holds precious…

The art of local and regional artists. (See images above of some interesting original art that The Seed has purchased.) She tends to gravitate to one of a kind pieces that reflect that artist’s singular moment in time that cannot be reimagined or redone in exactly the same way again.

It doesn’t matter the medium because The Seed’s eye is in charge. She takes a chance buying original pieces because she knows there will always be a personal connection to what she buys. She tries to seek out the story behind the piece. That story will continue to evoke that artist’s creative moment and provide that initial viewing joy day in and day out.

Taste is in the eye of the beholder it is said. The Seed’s art taste runs the gamut from those that have created a story on canvas, one that might convey drama, or a piece with over the top color blasts. She tends to appreciate art pieces that depict an edgy melancholia, one that is a textural feast for the eye, or those with dramatic value changes.

For The Seed “pretty” art doesn’t even come into the picture-no pun intended. Not that she dislikes it, but simply because typically it doesn’t hammer her senses. But everyone’s taste is different. Have you discovered what your art tastes are?

For the average “Joe or Jane” making original art fit into one’s life can be tricky as precious family photos, self painted family art or what the Seed tends to call “couch” art or furniture store art make the grade before most original fine art.

Some art buyers say couch art matches their décor because a retail designer can pick an impressive matching piece for them. Some buyers have told the Seed they don’t know anything about art to know what to buy. Others say they feel they can’t justify the cost of original art. However when one looks at furniture store pieces sold their prices many times are cost more or compare in cost to many wonderful, unique and one of a kind pieces.

The Seed’s uses several ways to buy original art. She would recommend certainly not being afraid to talk to artists. One doesn’t need a degree in art to talk to an artist or gallery sales person about a piece you like. You can always walk away. Let them tell you the story about it. Allow them to help you make it a precious piece. Go to a lot of galleries, art festivals, and look at art magazines… not to buy art… but to simply discover what your art tastes might be. The more you know the more personal your choices can be. Or just buy art that turns your crank. Nothing can be simpler that that.

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