The Thistle’s Seed has to admit…

That when she started to paint with watercolor media she bought dozens of “how to do it “ books. The recommendations were to read this book or that one and the world of watercolor would open like a bloom in spring.  Or as the book in the photo says it would paint itself. Please, apologies to Ms. Engle.

Wow! The Seed had to admit that she was a slow learner and this seemed like the magic formula. However, the more she read, the more money she spent, the more most of the techniques these famous artists detailed were clear as mud. She had no clue about what was to happen and none of work vaguely resembles those of the author. Frustration told her she was not a watercolor artist and let it go for twenty plus years.

But persistence nagged at her bones and she decided to try again. Now after starting the third year of watercolor experience she has discovered it is now the time to pull those books out and start again.

Why? Well, most of the things they write the Seed realized was that what they wrote about make sense…finally make sense.

The reason is that two years worth of practice really does make the best teacher. Others can speak of their techniques and teach them to you, but if you really want to learn it just takes time and brush pushing as well as pushing yourself to open your eyes to the experience. Discover for yourself how the water reacts with the pigment. Discover your own watercolor sensibilities.

Dry on wet, wet on wet, dry on dry, cold press, hot press, transparent, semi opaque, staining, non-staining, round or flat, or mop or liner. So much to learn so little time to become the your dream.

There is no secret formula in the rules. Yes, there are rules and the Seed really does hate to use that word. From experience you will find your own rules.  For you some techniques do work better for you than for others. That is the joy in learning the process…that light bulb will give you that magic feeling or that magic formula.

Art technique books can add to your experience. There is always something more you can learn.  That something is many times found in the experience of others. Is it time for you to drag out those dusty tomes again? Maybe watercolor can paint itself if you are at the controls.

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