The Thistle’s Seed has sympathies

The Thistle’s Seed has sympathies

For those artists who know the one art word that puts fear into most non-classically trained artists on the planet and that word is …DRAWING.

It can strike fear into the most fearless of new artists.  This word can bring on another common phrase “ I cannot draw, so I cannot do art.” I’m here to tell you that this idea is absolutely not true.

Many painters are wonderful tacticians of the drawing art, but many also use the artist’s shorthand to get the job done…simply sketching and, of course, a myriad of drawing tools are just waiting out there to help you out.

If you cannot draw try simply sketching. Sketching lacks details, it is quick and dirty, it gets to the heart of shapes, and it allows one to go freely into their own style and emotional response to their subject without the nit picky details getting in the way. It is a great way to begin your way into painting.

Painting rules include value, shape, texture, blah, blah, blah. Nowhere in any of The Seed’s painting books or classes did anyone mention or document that fine drawing was a necessity. Nope, not anywhere.

There are tricks to get accurate sketching and drawings that are simply tools to get from point A to point Z.  Try some of these techniques

Trace your own photo of your subject on tracing paper using an oil free transfer paper (especially for watercolor work.) You can do multiples if the first work doesn’t satisfy you. They do lack a certain life to the work, but a great way to begin and relieve your fear.

Use an enlarging machines. These devices are sold in the market place. These are especially useful for really large paintings.

Use the simple grid method to draw your subject. It is the tried and true way to reduce or enlarge your drawing. Many new drawing apps include a gridding method for your iPad type device. The Seed uses hers regularly.

Actually this method, if used often enough, trains your eye to see the relationship between the parts of your subject, and, before long, your sketching and drawing will have improved on their own. The Seed knows this from first hand knowledge. If accuracy is your thing this is a great way to go. But some homework on the technique is necessary.

There are a million variations on these methods so get out there and watch the videos on these subjects. There are hundreds of artists willing to share their “drawing” methods.  

Now there is no reason not to paint. Get to it.

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