The Thistle’s Seed Has Been Cleaning…

The Thistle’s Seed has been cleaning

Her closets now that a new year is upon her.  She was amazed at what she found the boxed up extra bedding, clothes far to “large” for her, grannie’s now two generation unused silverware, but boxes. There was box and box upon box of artwork that she had created over the years, all of it apparently too precious to distribute one way or another.

Well, The Seed says today the preciousness has worn off from the silver and the artwork. She doesn’t have a place for it any longer. The family has long said, “Oh, don’t throw it away, somebody will want it when they get their own homes. Keep it if not for yourself for us.” Then when push comes to shove that time never seemed to materialize and when artwork or silver is offered they politely declined.

The Seed gets it. Granted some of it is quite out of sync with the usual home artwork but most it is still good quality…in her mind and she is an excellent judge of art.

As she now peruses the boxes The Seed has decided to do as she did when she moved long distance some time ago and had to pay by the pound to move… find three boxes and mark one “Keep” another “Throw” and yet a third she marked “Give Away.”

If you are a serious painter who sells, but has those ever present left overs or one who chooses not to sell or sell on an irregular basis or those who don’t sell at all. What do you do to with those paintings that collect dust around the studio or in the Seed’s case collect in closet boxes?  It is all still wonderful art but what to do?

The best way The Seed has found to move worthy product out is to mat it up nicely, place it in protective plastic bags with documentation accompanying it and donate to local charities for their ever-present benefit auctions. Remember your reputation is at risk, but also remember “beauty in in the eye of the beholder.” Frames are nice but not necessary.

This year The Thistle’s Seed challenges you to make your artwork relevant in your community by donating more and, of course, painting more. Generosity has silent rewards.

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