The Thistle’s Seed has a million….

The Thistle’s Seed has a million

Paint brushes if she has one. The choice she has is wonderful…one for every brush stroke necessary. Flats, rounds, riggers, filberts, hog bristle, synthetic; some are expensive, many not so much. But the lose of any would be a shame, but recently one particular brush was found missing from its housing in the brush case.
A search was made in the proverbial high and low places. No luck. Then she remembered that her last foray was into plein air painting that took her to the wilds of South Dakota’s Palisades State park and a seat along the rustic banks of Split Rock Creek. A marvelous adventure to be sure that day, but it had to be on this excursion the Seed let her guard down and let her most beloved number 16 round brush escape, no doubt, into the under brush.
Also missing with the collapsible water container for painting. The Seed knew that this handy container was still perched on a branch of a shrub close to her painting chair if the recent storm didn’t take it sinking slowly to the bottom of the creek.
Both are big losses, but the loss of the brush brought the Seed into such a state of sadness and depression, almost to the state of mourning she could not face painting without it.
This brush was the Seed’s primary brush for watercolor painting and probably one of the oldest of her collection. That brush and a rigger usually were the only brushes brought of her brush case to lovingly caress the Arches paper. Now it was missing. Gone, Baby, Gone.
Today the Seed took a deep breath and replaced that brush with a duplicate. For some inexplicable reason she happened to read the label on the brush and was somewhat shocked by the warning listed on it. “Cancer and Reproductive Harm; Lead.”
The paint on the brush she assumed was where the lead could be found. Is lead legal in paint any longer? For as long as the Seed had used the original brush she must she assumed be on the verge of death.
Beware medium priced watercolor painting brushes with weird brush coatings can be a risk along with oil paints, acrylic paints, acrylic mediums and Xacto knifes in the some nefarious hands.
The Seed thought the only thing unsafe about brushes was poking her eye out when she realized what a crummy painting she just did. What is the art world coming to?

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