The Thistle’s Seed goes…

The Thistle’s Seed goes

To a variety of venues where artist’s gather. It is really quite interesting to hear how many times painterly people lament the fact that they haven’t been painting lately. For this reason or that. These artists seemed to be shamed by the fact.

The Seed is here to tell you …”it’s okay. You don’t have a timecard. You don’t have to paint all the time. Or at all for that matter. It’s okay.”

The Seed has discovered that since being an arty joiner of arty groups there is a pressure to “show and tell.” We all fall into the trap of succumbing to the “paint or perish” rhetoric. Art is supposed to be a joy not a trap.

There should be no guilt involved in being creative. Avoid the pitfalls and paint for yourself and your way and when you want to. Joy, joy, joy is what art is supposed to be after all.

It is usually good to let the painting spirit take a break. It’s okay. The world won’t stop if you stop. Just remember, however, creativity needs nurturing.

And a bit of advice…if you cannot think about or do your art don’t slam the door on it for too long. That little art kid may come out screaming out the door when you least expect it or maybe he’ll get a little too comfortable in that little room and slam the door in your face. The Seed is just saying from experience.

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