The Thistle’s Seed glued…

The Thistle’s Seed glued

Her hair to her elbow, her thumb to her art table and another day was off and running at a “not so much” painting as measuring and gluing GPWS Paint In at Mosaic Studio on Tuesday. Arty Farty, one of the Thistle’s Seed alter egos ended up having his bottom lip glued to his top lip. Miracles do happen.

Learning a different kind of art can take the skin of a real leather shoe and the faith to think the new process can be handled by your eye/hand and, in this case, four hands and six thumbs. Glue and paste processes are not for the faint of heart or the impatient.

The book cover will be used to house past or future GPWS Monthly Art Challenge artwork. These small, 5 ½ X 7 ½ inch, water media works can be easily lost in the vast artwork stored in and around an artist’s studio… Voila’… a personal little vault to store the twelve tiny masterpieces.

Artists dived into this class with zest and gift boxes (thank you Ginny Weeks of Brookings, SD!) of chocolate bars (medication for those needing more energy.) Each created their covers from cereal box cardboard or poster board, colorful scrapbooking paper, a heavy weight paste, and embellishment items. They created their own special water media artwork to give their book covers and interior box pouches a personal touch.

This book cover could also be used to create a little letter-writing center to give to friends or family as a gift. Greeting cards, envelopes, writing pads, stamps, or even a pen can be stored in this book cover as well. These can make “giftees” mailings easier than ever. The letter writing centers are great for those in a nursing home or assisted living situation. Arty Farty’s has a lot senior friends and his gray cells are stewing up a game plan to create several more of this great project.

Also, it must be noted, Arty Farty is already enrolling The Thistle’s Seed in an assisted living center so that he can make one as a gift for her. What is wrong with this picture?

Happy Holidays and an Artful New Year from The Thistle’s Seed.