The Thistle’s Seed dug a deep rut

The Thistle’s Seed dug a deep rut

And needed to sweep the doldrums and cobwebs from an overly rote painting routine. The photo defines one solution to the painting doldrums in the Seed’s studio. Oh, never you mind… even the Seed had a “day.”

The routine of same ol’ same ol’ was easier, and, wow…it featured a real plus… it was just plain easier on the artistic muscles. Picture after picture piled up on the table. But…

It was obvious to the Seed the artwork was beginning to show the lack of process integrity, a lack of individual excitement. The Seed hates the drip, drip, drip of boredom, but loves the flood of joy finding a unique voice or statement in a piece.

The pieces on the table were tedious and said absolutely nothing at all. They just were… there wasn’t a drop of drama or uniqueness. Analysis time was at hand; self- discovery necessary. . Something needed to be done to prevent stasis and boredom from planting themselves smack dab in this studio. What was one to do after all? How does one change up or sweeten up your daily painting rituals to keep the juices flowing competently? How does an artist change up his supply of subject ideas and turn them into a new path of discovery? How do you, yes, you out there in painting land, make yourself push to a new attitude?

Maybe you’re the type of artist who finds comfort in following the same routine time after time. Painting from inside the envelope instead of outside the envelope is safe, but generally, a boring path to mediocrity. And mediocrity sometimes follows an over-confortable routine like a shadow on the wall.

How do you as an artist keep things fresh in your work? How do you keep it interesting and challenging? Tell us how you do it. The Seed needs your help.

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