The Thistle’s Seed belong…

The Thistle’s Seed belongs

To yet another art group and began to think about what it takes to be a good member of any organization. We as members expect to reap a wagonload of benefits from any art group to which we belong. We pay good money for membership.

The Seed always anticipates the group’s offerings when seeking to find groups to which to align. Typically opportunities to showcase our work, provide learning opportunities both from professional artists and local, amateur teachers, service our time well within the activities, direct our attention to the greater community offerings, provide solid leadership, involve the membership in decision making, and more are all expected of an organization. The least of which is just how much fun and connection will the organization offer.

But what does the organization ask of us as members? The Seed thought about this for a while and decided there are ways we as members can support organizational goals.

1. Participate… no participation =no organization. 🙁 Attend meetings, and join in activities. If nobody comes, those events could be shelved.

2. Spread the word. New member= new ideas, more “stirring of the creative soup” so to speak. Be a great promotional device of the group. Word of mouth is the best promoter.

3. Offer workable suggestions. Don’t just think ideas just appear out of a giant idea generator in the background. Ideas about the creative end, the membership end, and the leadership end keep an organization strong and vital. We want to have fun, make a contribution, and become better artists. This is your chance to make a difference.

4. Be ready to provide answers to questions such as “What would you like to see the organization do?” The leadership just wants to provide the best for the members and knowing what the members want is key to those decisions. Speak up.

5. Volunteer or at the least say “Yes” to occasional opportunity requests both short term and long term. Burn out of active members can be the fire starter to a group’s demise.

6. Be willing to try “new to you” activities that the group provides. Take a chance to learn new things that maybe you hadn’t considered before. Be adventurous. Be willing to grow. This only makes you a better artist and a group that has more fun and educational opportunities makes us more desirable to the community, as well.