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Our members  make us great.  Twice monthly we get together at Mosiac Studio to learn new techniques and ideas from our members. 

Spotlight on the Artist: Mavis Wolfgram

Mavis tell us about your journey as an artist: "I have wanted to be an art teacher since 5th grade. At that time I and a friend would draw a girl, cut her out and then design clothes for her. We didn’t play [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Carol Baum

SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTIST: Carol Baum Carol tell us about yourself: I am a Singer/songwriter from Dell Rapids. I play 12 string guitar and Dulcimer, mostly for Asst. Living centers, Hospice, and Grief Groups. I have always considered music “my art”, but since [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Linda Hoffelt

My earliest memory of doing a work of art that I was excited about was in 6th grade. It was a drawing of an ice skater. I had a teacher who was very encouraging. I became the "go-to" person for creating posters, scenery, [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Mary Petersen

I had crayons as a young child. Also made mud-pies but didn’t exactly make art but pretended we were cooking food. I was creative in using what I found without having fancy art supplies. I started watercolor painting as a result of my [...]

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