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Our members  make us great.  Twice monthly we get together at Mosiac Studio to learn new techniques and ideas from our members. 


What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art?  I can't remember a time that I didn't love color either on paper or fabric.  As a child I would create weird abstract designs and color them with the brightest crayons.  I didn't like [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Mavis Wolfgram

Mavis tell us about your journey as an artist: "I have wanted to be an art teacher since 5th grade. At that time I and a friend would draw a girl, cut her out and then design clothes for her. We didn’t play [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Carol Baum

SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTIST: Carol Baum Carol tell us about yourself: I am a Singer/songwriter from Dell Rapids. I play 12 string guitar and Dulcimer, mostly for Asst. Living centers, Hospice, and Grief Groups. I have always considered music “my art”, but since [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Linda Hoffelt

My earliest memory of doing a work of art that I was excited about was in 6th grade. It was a drawing of an ice skater. I had a teacher who was very encouraging. I became the "go-to" person for creating posters, scenery, [...]

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