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Our members  make us great.  Twice monthly we get together at Mosiac Studio to learn new techniques and ideas from our members. 

Spotlight on the Artist: LeeAnn Sanders

My earliest memory of making art is at the age of 6 in Alabama and one of the moms put on a summer program in her basement for all of the kids in the neighborhood to create art projects of all kinds. At [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Mary Buckmiller

  QUESTIONS:1. What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art?2. What did you create? 3. How did you start watercolor painting? 4. Why do you create art? 5. What is your most important artist tool? 6. Is there something you can’t live [...]


What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art?  I can't remember a time that I didn't love color either on paper or fabric.  As a child I would create weird abstract designs and color them with the brightest crayons.  I didn't like [...]

Spotlight on the Artist: Mavis Wolfgram

Mavis tell us about your journey as an artist: "I have wanted to be an art teacher since 5th grade. At that time I and a friend would draw a girl, cut her out and then design clothes for her. We didn’t play [...]

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