Spotlight on the Artist: Mavis Wolfgram

Mavis tell us about your journey as an artist:

“I have wanted to be an art teacher since 5th grade. At that time I and a friend would draw a girl, cut her out and then design clothes for her. We didn’t play with the paper doll, just drew clothes. I didn’t have an art class until I was a senior. In college we were not allowed to use a pencil to draw our picture. Once we laid a color down we couldn’t go over it. So most of my paintings were in oils. I also worked with charcoal, pastels, and ink. I create art because it makes me feel good, like I accomplished something. My most important artist tool is a good brush and a photo would be hard to paint without one. Most of my work is with acrylics but this past 2 years I have also worked with watercolor, pastels and ink. I take photos with my phone whenever I see something that might be fun or a challenge to paint. I go through my photos to get ideas. They inspire me and help get rid of blocks. I have also painted murals in church, chiropractor clinic, nursing home, water tower, and my home. I know the work is done when I feel satisfied. My dream project is to display and sell my art. Three artists I admire are Michelangelo, de Vinci and Bob Ross. ”

Mavis will be doing the demo at our next Paint In on October 16th! Check the events calendar for more information.