Spotlight on the Artist: Mary Buckmiller


  1. QUESTIONS:1. What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art?2. What did you create?3. How did you start watercolor painting?4. Why do you create art?5. What is your most important artist tool?

    6. Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

    7. Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

    8. What inspires you?

    9. How do you know when a work is finished?

    10. Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why? (can you send me a photo of it?)

    11. How do you overcome creative blocks?

    12 . What is your dream project?

    13. Name three artists you admire.


    1.paint by numbers, but seriously I accidentally fell into art in college after getting bored with English. I wonder why?

    2.don’t remember what the paint by numbers box covers showed as didn’t do much of it. Hated paint by numbers actually as always went outside the lines and didn’t look like the picture on the box.Ha!

    3. college watercolor course- a “what have I just gotten into class” Yikes!

    4. Don’t know why, but I physically am unable not to do art…create is a stretch. Maybe I’m a masochist.

    5. My curious brain and my ability to observe things are my best tools.

    6. I guess the “process” element is the what I enjoy working with most. The doing is the big thing for me.

    7. the average everyday artists out there are my biggest inspiration. They inspire me to do better all the time..

    8. A painting talks to me and tells me when it is sick of me messing with it. Also if I get bored with it it may never get finished and I don’t care. It probably wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

    10. I take ownership of all of my artwork good or bad as they are my works. The painting that I know is “turning my crank” when I am painting it is always my proudest work until the next crank turner comes along. No ego in my brain! “Supper In the Sandhills” would probably be it.

    11. To conquer blocks I simply allow the block to work its way through my system. Usually something out of left field so to speak will inspire me and makes it happen again. I don’t worry about it usually.

    12. I don’t dream about painting something; I just paint. I am so lucky to be able to do it so I guess I am living the dream painting.

    13. Harvey Dunn is number one admired artist artist. Love his brush strokes and stories he tells.

    Willa Cather is my most admired writer artist for the same reason I loved Judy Thompson’s show at the Center for Western Studies…the stories they both tell about the homesteaders so eloquently.

    Billy Collins is my most admired poet artist because of how he turns the poem so easily in another direction by the end of it and usually with a punch line.