What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art?
I remember vividly painting pink rocks in our driveway. I remember the  black prang watercolor tin, my cup of water and brush. But mostly I remember the feel of the summer sun heating my the hair on the back of my head. It was actually also one of my first encounters with God.

What did you create? Painted rocks. Just one color each. I remember when they dried they lost their color and I would paint them again.

How did you start watercolor painting? I started painting watercolor in a high school art class.

Why do you create art? The process of creating is a right brain function. It  brings me into the present moment where I feel free. It is very rejuvenating to my spirit.

What is your most important artist’s tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?
I would say it is my Rotring pen. I love the versatility of using it dry and also letting the ink move. It helps me with contrast in my paintings.

Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why? I love playing with geli pads and collage. They are pure unstructured fun!

What inspires you?
 I love painting in a group! I think the creative energy of a group really heightens the energy of the individuals. Workshops!

How do you know when a work is finished? Taking a photo on my phone often shows me what needs to be done. Also my husband has a great eye so I have him critique when I think I’m done.

Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why? I  have especially enjoyed painting dogs. They have made the pet owners so happy. I feel like I capture their personality.
How do you overcome creative blocks?
I go on Pinterest and become inspired.

What is your dream project?​
To illustrate a book.

Name four artists you admire.
Marian Henjum
Jennifer Stone
Barbara Sparks
Kristin Peterson
They have all been foundational in my life as an artist. They are gifted artists, teachers and encouragers.
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