Sheryl Baloun

Member since: 2017


Creativity for me has been fun to explore on so many levels – quilt making, photography, watercolor. I find myself envious of truly creative people that are in GPWS who see the world in different shapes and colors. Beginning watercolor classes with Barb Sparks has been an exciting adventure that has led to new friends, new eyes to view the world with and a whole palette of new colors. What most inspires me is the beauty in our natural world – I love landscapes, sunsets, mountain vistas, rocks, pathways, any path that leads to see something beautiful in this amazing world we live in.

My Princeton brushes and Arches paper are the backbone to my paintings. Light, light, light creates an atmosphere of joy, peace and a sense of calm to paint in. I have started playing around with acrylic inks and granulating medium which form amazing textures in landscape scenes.

A finished piece sits on a table for a few days before I call it finished-it’s only then that I notice the need for more values, texture or adding that missing element. I have yet to create a piece I am over the moon about though I do enjoy many of my 5” x 7” pieces I have painted. Smaller paintings put a smile on my face.

Overcoming creative blocks always leads me on a path of less productivity in actual painting as I look at art journals, art magazines, old photos, boxes of things I want to paint . . . my painting time may have passed but I do enjoy the stroll down the world of art in other areas. Yes, it does work for me to finally be inspired in these artistic meanderings to create and paint a work of art.

My favorite artists include John Lovett, Anne Blockley, Steve Mitchell, C. M. Russell. Their styles capture the essence of their paintings with simple elements and amazing composition.