Alexis Lavine Workshop

"THANK YOU for inviting me to Sioux Falls to teach your wonderful members, and to experience your kind, generous, and warm welcome!

Sharon was the best workshop organizer - ever! She thought of everything necessary to make me, and all of the participants, feel comfortable, secure, warm, safe, well fed, and adequately caffeinated. She took great pains to make sure that everyone had enough light and could see and hear the demos. Even the unforeseen plumbing glitch was met with calm leadership, as she escorted people next door to use the facilities. She put in many hours of hard work - physical and mental - to plan, promote, and run the workshop ... and many of those hours of work were behind the scenes, mostly un-noticed by the students. I am sure she had helpers, and I would like to thank them too. But it really did come down to her leadership, which was unsurpassed.

I would also like to thank the Watercolor Society and the class and Sharon for the various gifts I received, goody bags, South Dakota specialties, and snacks to enjoy in my hotel room, or at home in North Carolina. So thoughtful!

I am tremendously impressed by your Watercolor Society and what you have achieved in one short year of existence as an organization! WOW!!! Absolutely inspirational! I am sure your organization will continue to grow and thrive, and to provide more opportunities for local and regional artists to study and learn, to exhibit their beautiful work, and for the public to appreciate and treasure the unique and brilliant medium of watercolor.

I would love to return to Sioux Falls someday, to teach for your members again … and/or perhaps to judge or jury an exhibition … because you might very well go in that direction at some point in the future. I know that there are so MANY fine instructors and jurors out there, to choose from. And you should definitely try to experience many of them. But if you ever decide you want me to come back … I will gladly be yours again.

With my gratitude, admiration, and friendship,
Alexis (Lexie)"