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Janet Judson

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I probably have always been creative; For 30+ years, I sewed all kinds of clothes from mens suits, boys’ shirts and jackets and all of my own clothes and designing my own patterns. I also have sewn slipcovers, pillows. And done all kinds of “crafty” things.

My urge to do watercolor began in 1994 with a trip to coastal Maine and seeing artists perched on stools doing seascapes…it was too cool, and I resolved to learn so I would have a retirement hobby.

My inspiration has come from my own flower garden and a general love of flowers; also, trying to capture the places I have traveled but most especially Maine… I LOVE Maine!

I think my most important tool is my ability to visualize what I want to put on paper.

I have to have music to paint… an extensive CD collection, yes, I know, I am a dinosaur, but I also have Alexa and Amazon Music.

I do not like doing thumbnail value sketches so most of my enjoyment comes from a successfully completed design sketch because it is what will end up a good painting.

When work is finished… that’s tough. A tool that helps is to do a black and white photo with my iPhone to look for value distribution… my friend, Jennifer Stone, put me on to this. Good value distribution usually means it is time to stop.

The way I overcome creative block is to dig out my packets of reference photos and go through them and pick out those that I may never have used and pretty soon the urge to put brush to paper returns.

I admire Claude Monet… have seen as many of the collections as possible all over the world.

Patricia Johnson Spenst who had mounds of patience as I began painting and taught me so much about myself; Jennifer Stone whose enthusiasm, friendliness, and honesty are always there for me.