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January 2020_Cruciform

February 2020_Radiating Lines

March 2020_the S Curve (1)

April 2020   The L Shape

May2020_the Fulcrum

June2020_the O or U


The “Challenge” is designed to help us study ways to create successful paintings.
In 2019, we concentrated on Elements and Principles of art. Now we get to use these to create successful compositions.
Each month, the 2020 Challenge is to think about one of the Known Structures of Composition.
Important Hint: think shapes, values and how the eye moves through the painting.
These guidelines are not written in stone. After all, we are artists! But they are known guidelines to keep the viewer delight and stay in your paintings.
Not to worry. We will do it one step at a time.

1. Every month, I will set out the challenge. And explain what it is all about.
2. You get to paint something (realistic, abstract, impressionistic…anything!) based on this challenge
3. Your paintings can be simple. A painting of three pears (vary the shape of the pears). A fence with flowers on it (vary the slats and the flowers).
4. Although an original painting will win additional jury points (NEW!), your submissions do not have to be originals. You may trace compositions that you find, but please mention where you found it, and note that you may not use these for commercial purposes. For learning only! Be sure you have permission or that it is a teaching book or e-something. (Use your Plein Aire paintings!)
5. (REQUIRED) Submit your painting on the “GPWS Group only Facebook” page, (you must be a current member of the GPWS!) and YOU MUST add a comment about your thoughts on the principle you are using, AND if it is an original painting.
6. In December, The GPWS will host awards night. Again, we will award the following:
a. A drawing: each participant earns one chance for each painting submitted.
b. Artist’s Choice award.
c. Juror’s Choice award. Paintings will be judged monthly and assigned points for
· Meeting the challenge
· Quality of the painting
· NEW! Bonus points for original paintings. (not copies). All elements of abstract paintings must be created by the artist.

Live somewhere other than Sioux Falls? No problem. You can send me your paintings in December, and I will represent you at the party.
Why do this?
(1) Learning these principles enhances our ability to create and/or recognize successful paintings.
(2) Over the centuries, artists have learned that, by adhering to these guidelines our paintings consistently engage the viewer.
(3) These principles create unity in our paintings.

Happy painting! Barbara Sparks