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Oct 14 2021


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

In-Person Monthly Meeting – Judy Thompson Demonstration

Art Attack:  Three Exercises to Strengthen and Improve Your Art.

 Judy will be providing hands-on activities and she will briefly demonstrate but for much of the time, the group will be working.  She will also be handing out materials to use for those attending.  

(This meeting will be recorded and available on Member’s Facebook page.)

Attendees should bring:

  • sketchbook, 11×15 or larger,
  • a pencil,
  • 4 pieces of watercolor paper (1/4 sheet size),
  • paints and
  • masking tape.

With COVID surging, and the CDC recommending masks even for outside gatherings, we want to encourage masks, even though we have no formal mandate.

Judy Thompson

Timeless landscapes and expressive figures are hallmarks of Judy Thompson’s contemporary watercolors.  Reflecting the history, fabric and beauty of the Great Plains, Judy’s artwork has been acclaimed as “capturing a sense of place.”  An avid biker and hiker, Judy finds inspiration by exploring the fields farms and wild places which surround her Iowa home.  These weekend treks allow Judy to experience the moods, colors and textures of the prairies firsthand–bringing an intimate and graceful style to her work.

       …her work is important as a mid-western artist.

      Through her research, she has developed an interest in both
      the history and landscape of the Midwest, and has made an
      important contribution towards an aesthetic appreciation of both.

      Jo Alberda,  Associated Art Professor, Retired. Dordt College

Artist Statement

My colorful, textured paintings of the Great Plains, are created with the expressive and versatile medium of watercolor.  Its fluid qualities allow me to express the grace, grit and wonder of the prairie landscape by splashing, soaking and spattering paint on my paper.  To balance all of this spontaneity, I usually add structure to my compositions by drawing lines using pen-and-ink or charcoal pencil.  By outlining negative and positive shapes, I am able to create a visual tapestry of lines, shapes and colors, which suggest the complex relationships that exist within our ecosystems and our personal connection to the landscape.

The event is finished.