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Bring your discarded paintings!

Think about it:
– Did you ever do a painting that you felt didn’t quite make it to where you wanted it to be?
– Are you working on a painting now and realizing that you just can’t get your idea onto the paper the way you envision it?
– Are there paintings you did years ago that no longer bring you joy?
– Do you sometimes find that the paint that drips off the side of the canvas appeals to you more than the piece you have in progress?
– Do you have pieces of artwork that you don’t even want to look at anymore?

No judgment! Join us on Tuesday, May 7 for our Wreck it, Rip It, Rock It Paint In, where you’ll have the opportunity to reimagine and rescue those not-quite-there attempts you might have otherwise discarded. You’ll have fun deconstructing your outtakes and reconstructing them into all-new works of art.

As for the pieces you don’t even want to look at anymore: You’ll have the opportunity to send those castaways off to our “Island of Misfits” table and share them with others who might find that indeed, one artist’s trash is their treasure.

Bring your unwanted artworks, your art supplies, and your imagination, and check your doubts at the door!


– Paper towels and/or rags
– Palette
– Basic masking tape
– Scissors (I’ll also have a paper cutter)
– Water container

Media and tools:
Although these are also essential, what you choose to use is a matter of personal preference. Why not experiment with something new? After all, you can always deconstruct what you don’t like!
– Water-soluble media — watercolors, acrylics, inks, gouache, etc.
– Pencils
– Pens
– Markers
– Pastels
– Crayons

Paintbrushes or alternative tools for applying paint

At least three or four 8 x 10 surfaces for collage: For possible deconstructing, I prefer heavier surfaces that can be cut or torn, such as watercolor paper or canvas paper rather than rigid canvas panels. Rougher papers provide the most options, I’ve found.

Adhesive: Glue, glue sticks, or acrylic matte medium

– Foam roller
– Stencils
– Stamps and stamp pad
– Any other types of embellishments