Carol Baum

Member since: 2017


I am a Singer/songwriter from Dell Rapids. I play 12 string guitar and Dulcimer, mostly for Asst. Living centers, Hospice, and Grief Groups. I have always considered music “my art”, but since Jeannie Ammon persisted in encouraging me to try my hand at painting, and I took my 1st beginner watercolor class with Barbara Sparks last November, I am officially hooked!

I guess I would consider that my 1st “Positive” memory of attempting Art. Since then I have immersed myself in learning all I can about all mediums and styles. Recently I have become intrigued by painting on teabags. I love the idea of recycling and turning such a small, delicate surface into a work of art.

I appreciate all kinds of art, but have always loved the look of watercolor. I would say Karen Vietor’s (Dell Rapids) watercolor paintings were what initially drew me to love the look of watercolors. In my teenage years, I loved Keith Haring and Jean- Michel Basquiat. I love S.F. Native, Shaine Schroeder’s work as well.

I am most proud of my 1st piece of art, “Autumn Leaves” from my 1st beginner class. That is when I felt “Maybe I can do this”
I love all the new friends I have made and the welcoming feeling I get every time I come to a gathering of GPWS artists.