Candace Grant

Member since: 2018


Q: Have you always been creative?
A: I can’t say definitively that I was always creative. But as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with creative pursuits, especially during the times when a job I held was noncreative, boring, and/or stressful. I’d start daydreaming about cooking, or sewing, or jewelry making…just about anything that can involve creative expression.

Q: What inspires you?
A: The fabulous artists of the Great Plains Watercolor Society!

Q: Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?
A: My favorite is mixed media collage, which lets me run wild and indulge my passions for color, contrast, shape, line, and texture.

Q: What is your most important artist tool?
A: It’s hard for me to create without a variety of markers, although I rarely use them in my collage work.

Q: Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?
A: Light, and lots of it!

Q: How do you know when your work is finished?
A: Ah, I confess: I don’t. I am wary of overworking a piece and ruining it. But if it does reach the point of no return, that’s when it takes on “wreck it, rip it” potential. Nothing is wasted, ever.

Q: Is there a piece that you are most proud of?
A: That piece is yet to be created.

Q: How do you overcome creative blocks?
A: It’s a continuing challenge. Years ago in art school, I rarely experienced creative blocks. But back then, without many adult responsibilities to get in the way, I could devote most of my time to art. The creativity flowed. Now it’s much harder. That’s the main reason I shifted to a deconstruction-to-reconstruction mindset. When I feel blocked, I reimagine the work I’ve already done as becoming part of a completely different piece. Next thing I know, I’m tearing it up or standing at the paper cutter, slicing and dicing.

Q: Name three artists you admire.
A: I wish I could narrow my favorites down to just three. I have a private Pinterest board where I hoard images of artwork, most of which have been done by contemporary artists. Their works represent a wide range of styles, media, and subject matter. Ask me to show it to you!