Barbara Sparks

Member since: 2017


My earliest childhood memory of creating art was when I was 63. (That’s still a child isn’t it?)

I had been a Potter for 35 years with the Colorado Potters Guild, and my husband and I bought a sailboat to live on. We couldn’t take the Kiln with us so I had to find another Outlet. I loved watercolor so much I wanted to share it with anyone that would come along. So, I found some friends that would bear with me while I learned to teach this wonderful stuff.

I love the social and healing aspect of art. It amazes me that one can share painting with someone and feel like they are soul mates after 15 minutes.

Color and the combination of colors inspires me….it is ever-changing, depending on the light, and the colors surrounding it. Colors that bounce off of other colors, reflect each other, fade or intensifying in the light.

I never know when a painting is finished. But I suspect that it isn’t finished by the time I am finished with it.

My favorite painting is one that has never made it into any shows–no matter how many times I submit it. But I don’t care. I love it anyway. I am sending an image of it.

The only way I know of the overcome creative blocks is to keep painting. One day you will surprise yourself.

The contemporary watercolor artists I admire the most are Mary White, Stan Miller and John Salimen’s cityscapes.