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As a child I always loved to explore outside and then once inside draw and color whatever I’d been occupied with. Eventually my favorite subject became drawing horses. Over the years I became pretty good at knowing the facial structure of a horse’s bones and muscles. As I grew older, I learned there were other animals and objects to draw and in college I’d intended to become an art teacher.! But, alas, when married I quickly realized that being a permanent resident of a small farming community didn’t offer many opportunities to become an art teacher. So I switched my major to elementary education and taught second grade till my retirement. During those years I was too tired when I arrived home to do much of anything except collapse. Once retired I unearthed my art supplies and began with simple pencil drawings and [...]

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What is your earliest childhood memory of creating art? I remember vividly painting pink rocks in our driveway. I remember the  black prang watercolor tin, my cup of water and brush. But mostly I remember the feel of the summer sun heating my the hair on the back of my head. It was actually also one of my first encounters with God. What did you create? Painted rocks. Just one color each. I remember when they dried they lost their color and I would paint them again. How did you start watercolor painting? I started painting watercolor in a high school art class. Why do you create art? The process of creating is a right brain function. It  brings me into the present moment where I feel free. It is very rejuvenating to my spirit. What is your most important artist's tool? Is [...]

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Creativity for me has been fun to explore on so many levels  - quilt making, photography, watercolor.  I find myself envious of truly creative people that are in GPWS who see the world in different shapes and colors.  Beginning watercolor classes with Barb Sparks has been an exciting adventure that has led to new friends, new eyes to view the world with and a whole palette of new colors.  What most inspires me is the beauty in our natural world - I love landscapes, sunsets, mountain vistas, rocks, pathways, any path that leads to see something beautiful in this amazing world we live in. My Princeton brushes and Arches paper are the backbone to my paintings.  Light, light, light creates an atmosphere of joy, peace and a sense of calm to paint in.  I have started playing around with acrylic inks and granulating [...]

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I have always felt a need to create something with my hands.  I tried just about any new or revival fad in the arts that came along. A few are: Paint by number, the old tube paints for painting on dish towels, macrame, needlepoint, quilting, sewing, needlework, wool appliqué,knitting and crochet.  Most all were given away as gifts. I started watercolor painting in 2013, at Active Generations.  Barbara Sparks was the teacher.  Her relaxed style of teaching and true appreciation for her gift and the love of sharing it with others, was the primary reason I kept coming back.  I did learn to love the process of watercoloring as well.  I took a break for a couple of years, however, when Barbara sent out an email regarding the organizing of the soon to be Watercolor Society, I wanted to be a part of [...]

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If I had been creative as a young person, I don’t have a strong recollection. I was into my mid  50’s when I first sought out lessons so I could use watercolor in my Middle School classroom. I asked a mother of a student, who is a former Art Teacher, to teach me the basics of watercolor. I never considered acrylic or oil, for no particular reason. I like very simple ideas that can become simple 5x7 paintings and can be completed in a short while. I particularly like my #4 Cotman brush. I depend on my scrubber brush often and I realize the importance of good paper (140# Arches cold press). Good lighting is important to me when I paint. An element of art that I enjoy most is sharing the experience with another watercolorist. It’s a pleasure to paint with or [...]

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