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My earliest childhood memory of creating art was when I was 63. (That's still a child isn't it?) I had been a Potter for 35 years with the Colorado Potters Guild, and my husband and I bought a sailboat to live on. We couldn't take the Kiln with us so I had to find another Outlet. I loved watercolor so much I wanted to share it with anyone that would come along. So I found some friends that would bear with me while I learned to teach this wonderful stuff. I love the social and healing aspect of art. It amazes me that one can share painting with someone and feel like they are soul mates after 15 minutes. Color and the combination of colors inspires me....it is everchanging, depending on the light, and the colors surrounding it. Colors that bounce off of [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed holds precious…

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The art of local and regional artists. (See images above of some interesting original art that The Seed has purchased.) She tends to gravitate to one of a kind pieces that reflect that artist’s singular moment in time that cannot be reimagined or redone in exactly the same way again. It doesn’t matter the medium because The Seed’s eye is in charge. She takes a chance buying original pieces because she knows there will always be a personal connection to what she buys. She tries to seek out the story behind the piece. That story will continue to evoke that artist’s creative moment and provide that initial viewing joy day in and day out. Taste is in the eye of the beholder it is said. The Seed’s art taste runs the gamut from those that have created a story on canvas, one that [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed breathed a sigh…

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Of relief as a like creative spirit answered the call to be a guest blogger for the Thistle’s Seed. She needs no introduction, but since when did that stop me. Kristin Peterson is a creative force and painter of words and image from Luverne, Minnesota. We welcome the words she offers for inspiration and mindful work. I am an artist, but, am I a painter? I recently took an art class the end of July and was hoping to hone my “painting” skills because I felt like I didn’t have a painting voice. The first day we worked on collage. A lot of collage. Mixed with a little paint. And I was thinking, I am good with collage and a little paint and so when the artist teacher came around and she said, “Yeah it is ok. But, I can tell you every [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed has a million….

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The Thistle’s Seed has a million Paint brushes if she has one. The choice she has is wonderful…one for every brush stroke necessary. Flats, rounds, riggers, filberts, hog bristle, synthetic; some are expensive, many not so much. But the lose of any would be a shame, but recently one particular brush was found missing from its housing in the brush case. A search was made in the proverbial high and low places. No luck. Then she remembered that her last foray was into plein air painting that took her to the wilds of South Dakota’s Palisades State park and a seat along the rustic banks of Split Rock Creek. A marvelous adventure to be sure that day, but it had to be on this excursion the Seed let her guard down and let her most beloved number 16 round brush escape, no doubt, [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed has to admit…

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That when she started to paint with watercolor media she bought dozens of “how to do it “ books. The recommendations were to read this book or that one and the world of watercolor would open like a bloom in spring.  Or as the book in the photo says it would paint itself. Please, apologies to Ms. Engle. Wow! The Seed had to admit that she was a slow learner and this seemed like the magic formula. However, the more she read, the more money she spent, the more most of the techniques these famous artists detailed were clear as mud. She had no clue about what was to happen and none of work vaguely resembles those of the author. Frustration told her she was not a watercolor artist and let it go for twenty plus years. But persistence nagged at her bones [...]

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