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By |2020-06-07T10:52:02-05:00June 7th, 2020|Categories: Art Challenge 2020|

June 2020 – STUDYING COMPOSITION: Armatures: The O or U (or a tunnel, which open top to bottom.) The reason for this composition is to frame a point of interest, or create a tunnel leading the eye INTO THE DEPTHS of the scene. This composition keeps the viewers attention TRAPPED within the confined opening, making even a small center of interest seem important. The opening itself should be an interesting shape, and the focal point within the opening should be located off-center, dividing the shape creatively. The frame of the the O or U shape needs to touch at least three sides of the canvas1 There are two types of O compositional schemes. One uses the O as a framing device for the center of interest, as in Ian Robert’s LateSummer in the Pays de Sault (below). The larger hay bale in the [...]

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The Thistleseed was Glad

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The Thistle Seed was glad To have an upbeat voice from member Katie Johnson, from Omaha, Nebraska. She was enticed to offer some clear directions for the time we live in. Here are her thoughts. “The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for us; the restrictions have created a different way of life for many of us- working, learning, and connecting. Cicely Tyson once said, “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” Our new normal means that many of us are either not working or at least working from home which saves commute time (I get 3 weeks to the gallon), having to get dressed for work (loving daytime pajamas), no shaving, no makeup or time-consuming hairstyles! Now is the period in your life where you can have the time of your life…to do what you wish, when [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed Heard…

By |2020-02-18T21:41:46-06:00February 18th, 2020|Categories: THE THISTLE'S SEED|

The Thistle’s Seed overheard A fellow artist comment recently “I just can’t seem to find my style.” Oh, now, the Seed thinks, isn’t that a magic word, style. Style is elusive; it’s like fairy dust. The Seed has heard that echo of words a hundred times that say “I wished I could paint like Matisse or I had those tell tale brush stokes like Harvey Dunn” in the Thistle Seed’s case. Wouldn’t it be wonderful with a simple poof fairy dust you paint just like Matisse paints? Wow like magic too. And all the while you’ve locked your own special style in the dungeon never to see the light of day. What a loss. First, a painter learns the basics from a teacher they admire, be one who teaches in a classroom, on a video or CD. Or that fellow painter who you [...]

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The Thistle’s Seed Has Been Cleaning…

By |2020-01-27T23:01:50-06:00January 27th, 2020|Categories: THE THISTLE'S SEED|

The Thistle’s Seed has been cleaning Her closets now that a new year is upon her.  She was amazed at what she found the boxed up extra bedding, clothes far to “large” for her, grannie’s now two generation unused silverware, but boxes. There was box and box upon box of artwork that she had created over the years, all of it apparently too precious to distribute one way or another. Well, The Seed says today the preciousness has worn off from the silver and the artwork. She doesn’t have a place for it any longer. The family has long said, “Oh, don’t throw it away, somebody will want it when they get their own homes. Keep it if not for yourself for us.” Then when push comes to shove that time never seemed to materialize and when artwork or silver is offered they [...]

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