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Join the Facebook Great Plains Watercolor Society Members Only Group (most of you already have) and submit a painting every month.  You can make them any size, but, if you stick with 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches, you can get twenty paintings out of a 22×30 inch sheet of paper. Barbara Sparks will be leading this Challenge with enthusiasm!

1. Every month, I will set out the challenge. And explain what it is all about.
2. You get to paint something (realistic, abstract, impressionistic…anything!) based on this challenge on a 5.5 x 7.5 inch piece of something. (you may use other sizes, but, if they are the same size, and on paper, I will show you how to put these together in a journal.
3. (required) Submit your challenge on the GPWS Group only Facebook page, (you must be a current member of the GPWS!) and add a comment about your thoughts on the principle you are using.
4. In December, those who have participated in the challenge, will get together and show their collection of 7 pieces. (May – December)
5. PRIZES come from Jack Richeson and Co, who have generously contributed to this project:
a. $150 Juror’s Choice. Each month, Sheila Agee and I will rate each painting as to how it fits the challenge. This is not based on the technical expertise of the painting. In December, I will add these numbers, and the artist with the highest number wins. In the case of a tie, we will draw for the winner.
b. $125 Artist’s Choice. In December, we will gather, and show our collections. Participating artists will vote on the one that best filled the challenge.
c. $100 Drawing. During the months, artists will receive one ticket for every entry. In December we will draw from these ticket. The more you paint, the better chances of winning.
Your paintings can be simple. A painting of three pears (vary the shape of the pears). A fence with flowers on it (vary the slats and the flowers).
They do not have to be originals. You may trace compositions that you find, but please mention where you found it, and note that you may not use these for commercial purposes. For learning only!
Use your Plein Aire paintings!
Live somewhere other than Sioux Falls? No problem. You can send me your paintings in December, and I will represent you at the party.
Why do this?
(1) Learning these principles enhances our ability to create and/or recognize successful paintings.
(2) Over the centuries, artists have learned that, by adhering to these guidelines our paintings consistently engage the viewer.
(3) These principles create unity in our paintings.

Happy painting! Barbara Sparks