What is happening on the Journey of the Great Plains Watercolor Society?

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All artists are invited to join the Great Plains Watercolor Society

Benefits Include:

  • Member Exhibitions
  • Paint-ins Learning  from other members
  • Annual member art challenge
  • Plein Air advertures
  • Local art resource members – All levels of artists Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners
  • Reduced rates and priority registration to sponsored workshops
  • Exciting meetings with Advanced artists demonstrations
  • Special events throughout the year
  • 2019-2020 Workshops will feature nationally recognized artists:
    • Alexis Lavine
    • Joyce Hicks
    • Judy Thompson
    • Steve Leonardi
    • Dan Mondloch
    • David Smith
    • Karen Knutson
    • Linda Kemp
    • Jennifer Stone
    • Kristen Peterson

Art Challenge

Join the Facebook Great Plains Watercolor Society Members Only Group (most of you already have) and submit a painting every month.  If you make them all the same size, we will make books out of them in December....your own Art Journal!  You can make them any size, but, if you stick with 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches, you can get twenty paintings out of a 22x30 inch sheet of paper.




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